Gmail supports IMAP!

Finally Gmail now offers IMAP support. This is really great news, it's even more user friendly than before, you can really integrate your account seemlessly with your other (POP3) accounts ...

If you don't see it yet appearing in your "POP, Forwarding" Tab under the "Settings" menu, just change your language to English (US) and it will appear ... enable it and the help file guides you through all the settings of the most common clients.

The first thing I did after adding the IMAP account in my Thunderbird, was to create Archive folders for my other (regular POP3) e-mail accounts and move everything older than 1 year from my harddisk to these folders of my Gmail account. Secondly I created some backup folders, where (as the name suggests) I backup recent e-mails that are important enough to me ...
So now everything important is backed up, my harddisk is free of old stuff (but I can still access and search through it, whenever I feel the need to do so) and everything is available from everywhere in the world.
Thanks G-people, keep up the good work!!!

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