My first smartphone ...

Fine, I'll admit it, I was drooling on smartphones for some time now, yes, yes, I know, I am a tech geek, always have been, always will be.
On the other hand I always try to take 'rational' buying decisions (yeah right, as if that actually exists, will the marketeers say). Anyway, I wasn't going for a 500€+ type of gadget, after all we all know mobile devices suffer, a lot, so they are basically throw-away (with a delay of some years). So what would I buy then? Well let's see, I wanted it to do what my simple Nokia cellphone could do (which is already a lot if you really think about it) and then also some silly stuff like browse the web on a way-too-small screen, run silly apps & games and waste more time on facebook and twitter, again on the small screen, with a touch-keyboard not designed for my huge hands. Sounds like a plan.
So what did I end up buying, the HTC Hero (running Android) ...

htc hero brown 2

And am I happy with it?

Well, let's put it like this. It does all the stuff my regular cellphone did, so that's good. I can do all the geeky (browsing, apps & social media) stuff with it, nice! It looks good (well, that's just my opinion). But I am also happy, that I didn't spend more on anything else (because in a few years, it will need replacing just as well). And the most important argument: I still can't stop playing with it every few minutes (which drains the battery continuously), so yes I am enjoying it.

However, be warned, if you are not a geek and just want (only) the regular stuff, which any standard cellphone does, do not buy this type of phone, stick to the regular kind. It does not do any of the regular stuff better or easier in any way (I mean just calling people or texting them), not much worse either, but also not better. It might look trendier, but if that's your main goal, you are probably looking for an iPhone, that's still the reference if you want to be trendy or a style icon. This one is argueably less trendy, it might allow you to do similar things ... but in the end, both have pro and cons, so decide for yourselve ...

I am glad that I got this one and hope to be able to enjoy it for the next years, as my travel companion.

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