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Ok, now that it has been established that I'm quite happy with my HTC Hero smartphone running on Android ... what do I do with it?

Well, I do the obvious things like actually calling people, picking up messages and texting - but obviously I didn't spend money on this thing for that, because the 'regular' Nokia cellphone could do all those things.

What's so smart about the phone? Like any smartphone it contains quite a lot of built-in applications and widgets, some of which are excellent by themselves, like the Browser, Peep (Twitter Client), Gmail, Weather, Facebook, etc ... and yes, a lot of the time is spent browsing in places I didn't browse before (no details needed I think). As everybody knows what email and web browsing is like, I won't go into detail, it all works and looks nice, enough said there.

So what else? Okay, if you browse the web you will find loads and loads of apps and games out there (for the various smartphone OS'es), but maybe I should just name some that I actually use (and keep using) on a regular basis. Here we go (I won't go through the whole list here, it's just too long, but I'll stick to my current favourites) - feel free to add yours to the comments below:

  • WeFi Connect: you need an internet connection for most 'smart' functions, WiFi being the preferred method ... the built-in functions will look for open AP's, but this handy program detects and classifies them into 100% open and free, partially open (commercial hotspot access), protected, etc ...     This helps me a lot as I have an IPASS subscription (for work) and so far there's no Android client for that yet, so using this I can connect and get directed to the right access page to login though the web, which helps ... let's call it semi-automatic. I did find "Hotspot Connect" but that doesn't do much for me and Boingo (they have a lot of hotspots in common with Ipass, like the Telenet ones here in Belgium) - I still need to check if their app works using my Ipass Login/Password. 
  • GPRS Monitor: When there's no WiFi nothing stops the true addict to get connected anywhere, using too much of that might result in high cost (especially when roaming), so you to keep an eye on that, this one does just that and looks superb.
  • Power Manager: The second 'problem' for every smartphone addict, you use the thing constantly, draining the batteries almost faster then they can be replenished, this one helps to keep an eye on things and reduce some of the power usage under certain conditions (GPS/WiFi off when battery low etc ...)
  • Live Bookmarks: Simple but great widget, single icon that pops up to list your bookmarks in order of popularity (usage) (or other) ...
  • Shazam: probably one of the most known apps from the iPhone, simple but effective, it identifies songs based on recording a short bit of it
  • CalWidget: best widget for your calendar (many many options)
  • TVgids.be: great app that shows you what's on tv (now and next, movies, ...) with links to reviews, ability to tweet what you're watching, etc ...
  • Kayak: essential tool for the frequent traveller to look up flight/hotel/... options, status, etc ...
  • BlueRSS: reader app & widget, excellent to keep track of those feeds
  • Daily Dilbert & Comic Strips: containing all the favourite comics like Peanuts, Garfield, Calvin&Hobbes, Love is ..., Heathcliff and many others
  • Radio.be: all the Belgian internet radio stations
  • Layar: Very cool also in combination with Google Maps (already on the Hero), can show you all kinds of info as a layer on top of camera view or map view
  • Google Sky Map: Look at the stars and find out what you are actually looking at ..
  • AudioManager: Handy widget to keep an eye on all the volume controls
  • Scan2PDF Mobile: If you don't have a scanner and would like a copy of something ...
  • Wikitude: Get more information of the stuff around you
  • Zaklamp: Very Silly, just a permanent white screen, but I need it from time to time (to find the fusebox in the dark for example) ...
  • TasKiller: if you have too much going on at the same time, you might want to free up some resources ...
  • ASTRO: file organizer and photo viewer
  • ES File Explorer: says what it does
  • Ringdroid: cut pieces of music to make ringtones
  • And so much more ...

Maybe next time, I'll list some of the games I use a lot, I'm not a big gamer, so don't expect too much, but I do like the occasional card game etc ... to kill some time when I'm waiting somewhere ...

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